May 21st Lesson 9: The AIDS EPIDEMIC

May 19th Lesson 8: Spanish Flu
Lesson 8 Spanish Flu Choice board

May 14th Lesson 7: What is an Epidemiologist
Lesson 7 What is an Epidemiologist HW

May 12th Lesson 6: Pandemics and Epidemics
Homework Lesson 6 Pandemics and Epidemics

May 7th Lesson 5: Social Distancing
Homework Lesson 5 Social Distancing

April 30 Lesson 3 Homework Symptoms of Coronavirus
Lesson 3 Homework-Symptoms of Corona virus
Example of Lesson 3:
RL Science Lesson 3 Homework Example.docx

April 28th Lesson 2 Homework Viruses
Lesson 2 Homework

April 21th-23
   4-21  Lesson 1  HOMEWORK for Remote Learning Lesson 1!!
Remote Learning Science Lesson 1 Homework differentiated.docx