Middle School (5th-7th Grades)

No School on Tuesday 5-26-2020
See you Thursday 5-28-2020
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We are SO excited to start learning with all of you. Everything you need for High School Math will be located on this page. Math classes will take place Tuesday and Thursday of every week.  You will have an 'Assignment' to work on while in the computer lab and an additional "Homework" assignment to complete during the week. Additional helpful resources can be found here or on the "Resources" link on the left hand side of this screen. Be sure to complete in-class activities (you will find directions in the PowerPoints) and turn in your homework each week by Thursday evening. We look forward to working with you virtually this quarter.

-Mrs. Patton

May 26th No school today See you Thursday!

May 21st Lesson 9
Part 1: Lesson 9
Part 2: (Due Friday 9 AM) : Homework

May 19th Lesson 8
Part 1: Lesson 8
Part 2: - No Homework

May 14th Lesson 7
Part 1: Lesson 7
Part 2 - No Homework

May 12th - Lesson 6
Part 1: Lesson 6
Part 2 - (DUE FRIDAY 9 AM): Homework 

May 7th - Lesson 5
Part 1:  Math Lesson 5
Part 2: NO Homework 

May 5th - Lesson 4
Part 1: Remote Learning Math Lesson 4 (1).pptx
Part 2 - Homework: Homework Remote Learning Math Lesson 4 (1).pptx

April 30th - Lesson 3
Part 1: Math Lesson 3 Pie Charts.pptx
Part 2 - NO HOMEWORK (Make up missing assignments)

April 28th - Lesson 2
Part 1: Remote Learning Math Lesson 2 Masks (1).pptx
Part 2 - Homework: Remote Learning Math Lesson 2 Homework (1).pptx

April 23rd - Lesson 1
Part 1: Remote Learning Math Lesson 1 Introduction No audio (2).pptx
Part 2 - Homework: Math Lesson 1 Homework 4-23.docx

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