Self-Care and Self-Regulation Resources

Self-regulation and self-care are important skills, especially when stressful, overwhelming things are happening in the world. 

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Here are some self-regulation and self-care strategies that kids and adults can practice together!

- Remind yourself and others that anything you may be feeling during this time is valid. The world can be scary, and it's okay to have feelings about it.
- Check your body for any tension! Unclench your jaw and hands, let your shoulders drop, and take a few deep breaths.
- Model calm behavior and self-regulation for others around you who may be dysregulated
- Give yourself time and space that you may need to regulate yourself
- Create a visual schedule for the day or week so that you know what to expect
- Give yourself movement breaks
- Give someone else a compliment
- Complete your tasks with a peer or an adult or help somebody complete their tasks
- Take deep breaths
- Listen to music (if available) or sing your favorite song
- Make a list of things you love
- Talk to someone you trust
- Journal your feelings
- Stretch, yoga, dance, or exercises that require no equipment

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Below are some more ideas of things that can be done for self-care / self-regulation outside of school.

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