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Mrs. Ward

Mrs. Ward

About Me:

I’ll be teaching Mathematics for my second year at Clara B. Ford Academy in Dearborn Heights.  I was born in Canada but raised in the U.S..  This gives me a diverse perspective of different cultures.  My passion for mathematics lead me to this Career.  I was educated in Michigan, graduated from Oakland Community College, earned an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and completed a Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education with a major in Mathematics and a minor in Earth Science from Eastern Michigan University.  I enjoy traveling, dancing, snowboarding and relaxing around other people.  I also enjoy exploring different heritages.  My husband and I have two daughters and two dogs named Mario and Luigi.  We started in Michigan, moved to Delaware, Kentucky then back to Michigan.  

Life is an adventure to be sampled.

Course Description:

Our class will cover the general concepts of the number system, geometry, functions, expressions and equations, and statistics and probability.

Major Instructional Goals:

  •       To provide a secure learning environment where students feel comfortable taking ownership of their learning.

  •       To ensure that students build upon their foundation of math and are able to apply their knowledge. 

  •       To prepare students for the next level of math.

  •       To make learning fun!

Classroom Expectations:  

  •       First and last 10 minutes of class students will remain in the classroom.

  •       When class beginnings, students will gather their materials and being their warm-ups.

  •       Students will follow CHAMPs procedures during direct instruction, completing individual work or test, and group work.  

  •       Students will acknowledge their rights and responsibilities posted in the classroom. 

  •       During the last 5 minutes of class students will clean their area, return supplies, and then wait for dismissal.  

Non-Negotiable Expectations:

  •       Cell phones should be locked up.

  •       Hallway Passes needed during class periods.

  •       Only Approved food or drink consumed during school hours.

  •       Teacher’s desk, chair, cellphone, laptop, and classroom phone are off limits to students.

Classroom Norms:

A mutual respect between teachers and students is always expected.  Students are expected to be seated and working on the warm-up at the beginning of class.  Students are expected to be prepared for class and ready to learn! 

Late Work:

Work turned in late and not associated with an absence will not earn full credit.

Missed Work:

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the homework assignments, notes & any other pertinent information that is missed during an absence.

Missed work due to an absence: Additional time (up to three school days) and full credit will be allowed for each day of a verifiable and excused absence. After three school days, work will be considered late.

For students who are receiving extra services may use the following concepts as a guide for teaching:
- Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing rational numbers.
- Solving expressions using order of operations.
- Writing algebraic expressions from verbal descriptions.
- Solving Functions
- Solving one, two, and multi-step equations.
- Graphing linear equations.
- Simplifying exponents

Khan Academy is a website that can be used to practice and review concepts listed. To access the website go to: 

​Contact Information:
Coaching: 7:54 - 9:12am (1st period)