Classroom and School Wide Expectations

Mrs. A’s Expectations

A judgment free zone


We are here to provide a unique environment in which anyone, and we mean anyone, can be comfortable. We provide a diverse judgment free zone where lasting, active learning can be built. Our product is a tool; a means to an end. In the end it’s all about you. As we evolve and educate ourselves, we will seek to perfect this safe energetic environment where everyone feels accepted and respected. We are here to teach you, to lead you, to encourage you, to prod you. We need you, because, face it; our planet wouldn’t be the same without you.

You belong!


To do this requires that:

  • All of us are active participants in the classroom
  • We all need to contribute to and build on one another’s efforts to build their knowledge.
  • Discussion and collaboration between all of us is needed and necessary.
  • Diversity in students interests and rates of learning is expected and respected
  • No one has the exclusive responsibility of teaching.  This is shared between you and me.
  • All learners are potential resources for others.
  • We all offer guidance and direction for classroom activities
  • We regularly share and critique each other’s work. 
  • The process is as important and sometimes more so than the product.
  • Humor is an essential component.


             Mrs. A’s Three Classroom Rules

  • Be respectful – of each other and yourself.   
    • Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself
    • Follow directions the first time
    • Use language that you would be proud to have recorded.


  • Be ready to learn – attitude, books, notebooks, pencils, etc.
  • Be ready to make mistakes – that’s how you learn


                     Mrs. A’s Procedures

    • Come into class prepared to learn and with a good attitude.
    • Sharpen all pencils and throw away all trash before class begins.
    • Sit down quietly.
    • Raise your hand to be addressed or to ask a question
    • Do not get up to sharpen pencils or to go to the trashcan while Mrs. A is teaching.  These things should be handled before or can be handled after class or during individual work time.
    • Show respect for yourself and others.
    • The teacher dismisses the class.
    • Clean up your area and return ALL supplies to the proper spot.
    • Throw away all trash when lining up.
    • Be quiet when lining up.
    • Walk into the hallway in an orderly fashion.
    • If you are tardy to class, come in, and be seated quickly and quietly.
    • If you are absent from class, you are responsible for obtaining assignments and notes when you return.  Check for assignments on the assignment board.  Worksheets and any additional handouts can be obtained from the make-up folder.  (You have five school days after an excused absence to make up any missed work.)
    • All tests or other assignments will be turned in to the pink bin on the teacher’s desk.
    • Your name, the date, and the title of the assignment will need to be on the right-hand corner of every paper. 
    • Bathroom requests will be handled as they are requested.  Please do not interrupt class to ask to use the restroom, wait until Mrs. A has finished the lesson and has assigned the work for the class.
    • After completing classwork, students may ask to have free time.  It is at Mrs. A’s discretion to allow it.
    • Discussions only work if we respect one another and allow each person to talk without interruptions.
    • The teacher is the discussion leader unless otherwise noted.
    • Absolutely no talking to other students during a test.
    • All tests will be put directly to the correct bin.
    • Any materials needed for the test will be provided by Mrs. A. prior to testing.
    • Students are to remain working while a visitor is in the classroom.
    • Students are not to speak with other students who come into the classroom.


               School wide Non-negotiables

The following is a list of school wide policies that students are expected to adhere to on a daily basis:

  • Cell phones should be locked up.
  • Hallway passes needed during class periods.
  • Only approved food or drink consumed during school hours.
  • Teacher's desk, chair, cell phone, laptop, and classroom phone are off limits to students.