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Thank you for visiting my webpage.  Here you will find information about me, about the courses that I teach, and resources for you and your student to use.  All of it is here to promote the success of your student, and to open a dialogue amongst us all, to make that happen!
If you find that you have questions, need any further assistance, or just want to touch base, please contact me; just follow the directions at the bottom of this page.
I look forward to hearing from you!

I was born and raised in Metro Detroit, and am a big fan of the area.  There are really great things to see and do here!
I went to Michigan State University to study English, and later graduated with a Bachelor's degree in English Literature--from Alabama State University.  Although far apart geographically, it amazed me how much of a Detroit connection there was with ASU; many of my fellow students came from here.
More recently, I finished my Master of Arts in Teaching degree at Wayne State University.  I am certified to teach English and History--and I find many opportunities to link the two.
I taught in Midtown Detroit for two years with students who I grew to treasure and respect.  Now I do my best to provide inspiration and resources to those who I meet here at Clara B. Ford.

Tutoring Resources
Tutors and family members will find many great resources online to assist in developing strong critical thinking skills with our students. 
One of the best resources for middle to advanced writers is Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL).  They offer step-by-step details, and are at  
An excellent source of worksheets on a variety of ELA topics is  Use the 'Site Navigation' bar at the left to pull up whichever skill you are focusing on, to print them out. offers lectures online to explain nearly any aspect of English. is handy for looking up poems and sometimes good explanations of them.

If there is no online access, then reading a passage from a book, story, magazine or newspaper is a good start.  The student should take the time after reading to identify who was writing, why they wrote it, what they hoped for the reader to learn or think, and how we, as readers, know that was the point.

The following is a list of schoolwide policies that students are expected to adhere to on a daily basis:

Cell phones should be locked away for the entire day.
Hallway passes are required during class periods.
Only approved food or drink is to be consumed during school hours.
The teacher's desk, chair, cell phone, laptop, and classroom phone are off limits to students.

If you wish to contact me, select “contact me” which is located on the left of your screen under my name. Please leave the following:

1.       Your name.
2.       The student's class.
3.       Your email address.
4.       Your question or comment. If you do not have an email address, please leave your phone number in the question/comment section.